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How to Stop Customer Service Automation from Annoying your Customers

Posted by Callan Wienburg

13-May-2016 08:45:00

To start reading this article, press 1.

To skip to the conclusion, press 2.

To speak to a customer service representative, press 3.

You pressed 3, goodbye. Click. Beeeeeeep…

We’ve all been through it. Your internet is giving you issues, so you check your provider's website and there’s nothing on there, so you ring up the call centre....

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Topics: Business Automation, Process Automation, Customer Service

5 [Great] Reasons to Automate your Customer Portal

Posted by Annette Gardner

02-Dec-2015 08:00:00

Customer portals are like email signatures - ‘property’ owned by you that is very rarely taken full advantage of. Rather than an afterthought (i.e. more than a simple, but non-functional place where customers come to be frustrated); your customer portal and its functionality should be automated.

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Topics: Automation Feature, Customer Portals, Customer Service

Customer Service Advice: How to Outsmart Your Peers

Posted by Charles Musto

16-Sep-2015 10:02:29

“The customer is always right”. “The customer is king”. “Make the customer feel at home”. “Smile and nod”. “Think happy thoughts”. You’ve heard all of this advice before but are you really heeding it?


With consumers enjoying a much wider range of choice and no longer forced into lengthy contracts, customer service has become the battleground that determines growth or stagnation for ISPs. Thanks to the internet, consumers are more empowered than ever before, with instant access to a wider selection of product offerings, social media reviews and access to a wealth of background information on companies and their service levels. Customers are quick to judge your level of service and will be more inclined to post a negative review on a public forum if your service is not up to scratch than they would be posting a positive review if you’re doing a good job. This negative public criticism could be crippling to your business, especially in the competitive ISP market.


In this blog we’ll take a look at some simple yet effective customer service advice that will help you outsmart your peers and elevate your customers’ experience.


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Topics: Advice, Customer Service

Automation and Customer Self-Service Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Posted by Charles Musto

07-Jul-2015 12:05:15

When done right, business process automation can help organisations achieve much higher levels of productivity by removing countless redundant processes and workflows that no longer serve the company.

In businesses such as ISPs, where the employee-to-customer ratio is significantly higher in favor of the latter, automation plays a key role in performance. Interfacing with the modern customer, therefore, requires creating touch points on an array of platforms such as social, mobile, web, email, telephonic and other means.

Customer self-service tools and process automation combine like a match made in heaven to bring support representatives the key tools needed to interface with your market with elevated efficiency. Let’s take a look at the interrelation between these two elements to understand how they co-exist to bring customers added value and simultaneously improve the internal workings of the business.

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10 Tactics to Reduce Customer Churn

Posted by Charles Musto

03-Jun-2015 09:13:25

The customer churn rate in a subscription-based ISP business is a measure of the number of subscribers/customers that cancel their services over a specified period of time, e.g. a monthly churn rate of 10% means that, on average, customers will retain their services for around 10 months before cancelling. Another example is an annual churn rate of 50% where a customer cancels on average every 2 years, etc.

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Topics: Business Automation, Customer Service, Customer Churn

7 Top Customer Service Tips for Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Posted by Annette Gardner

24-Mar-2015 08:30:00

It’s tough being a customer service representative. You’re the front line of the business dealing with both happy customers (yay), and some very unhappy customers (not very yay).

It’s quite rewarding to turn a terrible call into a great experience. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our top customer services tips to help you achieve this seemingly impossible task and leave your customer bragging about you and your company for weeks to come.  

Let’s face it: Customers may be stubborn, rude, or unrealistic … but they are never wrong. So - what is the best way to deal with an unhappy customer? Here are some of our top customer service tips.

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Topics: Tips, Customer Service