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5 Benefits of Integrated ISP Online Sign Up

5 Benefits of Integrated ISP Online Sign Up

Integrated ISP online sign up is where your Internet Service Provider business tools are integrated into your ecommerce website. An investment in custom software like this isn’t taken lightly though, unless there are clear, significant and measurable benefits. We get it.

“What are the benefits that make this investment worthwhile?” I hear you ask. Well, we’re here to help. Below we’ve highlighted 5 of the biggest reasons to invest in integrated ISP online sign up.


1. Time is freed up with a reduction of manual processes

A non-integrated sign up process requires data that is captured through your website, to be manually verified and then manually entered into your operations and accounting systems.

These manual processes are time-consuming, expensive and error prone. Automating, or integrating these manual processes, dramatically frees up the time of your highly skilled, valuable, human resources. And as we all know, people are essential to great customer service - therefore, they are best allocated to where they make maximum impact.


2. A great customer experience = business growth

Before a prospect becomes a customer, a poor online experience can drive them away (resulting in a lost sale). Integrated ISP online sign up allows you to manage and streamline your prospect’s journey - making sure their experience is smooth, attention is maintained, and the sale is completed.

Delivering a customer-centric process (aka. ‘experience’) has been shown time and time again to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, grow your business.

Remember that 96% of customers will leave you for bad customer service according to a recent Forbes article. Don’t believe me? Here are 50 stats that prove the value of customer experience - another Forbes piece.


3. Improved efficiency of internal processes

Business Process Re-engineering” (BPR) is a buzzword from the 90s that is still very relevant today. The goal of BPR was to fundamentally rethink your processes in order to improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors.

In general, manual processes result in disconnected teams, time delays and errors. Not an ideally ‘efficient’ result. Unless you have absolutely nailed those processes - which is possible if you are an operational processes master (please, tell us how you do it).

An integrated and automated process connects all of your teams to a central database: Sales to operations to billing and even to customer service. Much more efficient.

Not only will this save you time, but it will also reduce the number of human errors that can occur, which leads to increased productivity. In other words - synergy.


4. Visibility of key business metrics

Can you imagine having key data on hand when you need it to make those all-important business decisions? Well, you can.

By integrating your online sales process with the rest of your operational systems you’ll be able to view and report on key decision-making metrics. Imagine the pivot table of your dreams, with graphs and easy-to-share key data points. All of a sudden, having the information available to establish the success (or challenges) of your business, in addition to making key future strategic decisions, all becomes possible. It’s no longer a bit of a cobbled-together-guessing-game.

6 reasons why a great dashboard is essential to your business >


5. Improved data security

When data captured through your website needs to be manually verified, and then (manually) entered into your operations and/or accounting system - it means that sensitive customer information is visible to the people verifying it. It also means that errors in copying and pasting can easily be made.

Your customer’s data security is dramatically improved with an integrated process as there is no longer a need for manual verification and data entry.

These are just a few of the benefits of an integrated online sign up process. For some of the best practices, here’s our blog on the 7 Best Practices For Integrated ISP Online Sign Up.

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