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What is Integrated ISP Online Sign up?

What is Integrated ISP Online Sign up?

Integrated ISP online sign up is where your Internet Service Providers business tools are integrated into your ecommerce website. That is, features such as feasibility checks, product information, purchase baskets and online payment options are directly linked to your operations and billing platform.

The result? An end-to-end connected customer experience where sign up customer data and payment information is securely stored directly in your operations platform. Errors are reduced, security is improved through never having to share payment information and role specific data is immediately available for your sales, accounts, support and technical engineering teams to do their jobs in accordance with POPI best practices.

Now that’s a #ConnectedTeam.


Integrated Vs Non-integrated ISP Online Sign Up

Non-integrated ISP online sign up:

A non-integrated process requires that data captured through your website be manually verified, and then (manually) entered into your operations and/or accounting system.

These processes are human-driven, meaning that:

  • Sensitive customer information is visible to the people verifying it, and
  • Errors in copying and pasting can easily be made.

The ‘time to verify’ and the likely possibility of errors can result in a negative customer experience. Internally, this approach is also far more time-consuming, expensive and only allows for limited business visibility.

Integrated ISP online sign up:

An integrated process allows you to connect (and automate) workflows from the point of sale, to operations and billing, to customer support. Data captured and processed automatically is secure and reliable. The increased efficiency and accuracy not only results in a positive customer experience, but also in a more effective internal process. Great, right? We think so. After all, time is money.


An Example of an Integrated ISP Online Sign Up Process

This is just a quick example process to illustrate what we mean by an ‘Integrated’ process.

Say an ISP customer visits your website to purchase a fibre connection:

They will browse your site,  
Check which products are available in their area, [Products are displayed dynamically based on their location on a feasibility map]
Make a selection and,  
Place an order. [This creates a new customer on your system and adds their products to their account]
They would read and sign an online contract, and [This contract and their digital signature is captured and stored within their customer profile]
Select a payment method [this online payment, or debit payment mandate is processed through to your billing system and assigned to their customer account]
The customer is satisfied with this experience and navigates away from your site.  


With the information captured and the automated processes that have already been actioned, you are able to fulfil your customer’s order and either collect the payment, or ensure correct (and automated) invoicing at the beginning of their contracted billing period.

This is just an example process, but think of the possibilities of what features and functionality you could add into that process to offer your customer an exceptional customer service experience. This blog post outlines the 7 Best Practices For Integrated ISP Online Sign Up.

The 4 Essentials of a Great Customer Experience
5 Benefits of Integrated ISP Online Sign Up

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