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The latest version 3.0 of SOLID has been released!

Blog-Image_new-version-of-SOLID-releasedThe SOLID Dev Team have been working around the clock to release the eagerly anticipated version 3.0 of SOLID. This new version includes some great enhancements as well as a number of brand new features.


  1. Cash Management - You can now process account payments paid via cash and checques
  2. Active Age Analysis - The existing age analysis has been modified to include a new 'active' age analysis
  3. New Billing Rules - New billing rules are continously being added to the system. They now include pro-rata advance, pro-rata arrears, special domain billing, to name a few

New Features

  1. Supplier Management - Create new suppliers and custom configure your payment terms
  2. Purchase Orders - Create new purchase orders, send to configured suppliers and create customer invoices from the orders
  3. Document Template Management - Create new document templates for PDF and HTML invoices, quotes, purchase orders, etc


Feel free to contact the SOLID Sales Team should you be interested in a demo of the SOLID software.

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