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SOLIDitech featured in African Communications

Blog-Image_african-communications-featureThe SOLID Billing, CRM and ERP platform has revolutionised the way ISPs and VNOs invoice and manage their customers.

As a growing force in the Customer Billing services market, SOLIDitech was approached by African Communications to feature in the billing and outsourcing edition of their quarterly ICT publication.

SOLIDitech is featured in the January to March 2009 edition of the publication together with a sound byte in the front section of the publication containing information on our latest SOLID BC2 product offering.

With installations in 10 countries throughout Africa, a growing number of companies count on our business solutions to automatically invoice and manage their customers every second of every day.

The latest version 3.0 of SOLID has been released!
Billing from the Clouds - Another First!!

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