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Five Best Practices for Access Control

Posted by Charles Musto

29-Sep-2015 10:42:25

As networks and application delivery models evolve, security remains top of the mind for IT managers. ISPs hold volumes of sensitive customer information that include personal, financial and other data that, if compromised, could have serious consequences. Also, sub-standard access control mechanisms to the data that resides in your company’s computer systems can lead to unfavourable audit risk reports, lack of confidence in IT and spurn a culture of negligent behaviour. This blog, the first in the series, will take a look at five best practices around access control that will help build a culture of security, integrity and accountability across your organisation.

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3 Things About Access Control You May Not Have Known

Posted by Annette Gardner

09-Dec-2014 08:00:00

Access Control is all about security. And the best approach to security is to have multiple secure layers. Access Control is just one of those layers (albeit the first).

Think about a house: Before you can snoop around the bedroom cupboard you have to get through the front gate - Access is that front gate.

You’ve got lots to protect - customer and business data is your most valuable asset. Investing in great, robust security for your business software should be a priority.

There has very recently been a string of highly publicised security breaches at major global companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Home Depot and eBay (to name a few). These just go to prove that no one is immune. 

To help you understand what Access Control is and why it’s so important, we’ve put together a few key facts:

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