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5 [Great] Reasons to Automate your Customer Portal

Posted by Annette Gardner

02-Dec-2015 08:00:00

Customer portals are like email signatures - ‘property’ owned by you that is very rarely taken full advantage of. Rather than an afterthought (i.e. more than a simple, but non-functional place where customers come to be frustrated); your customer portal and its functionality should be automated.

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Topics: Automation Feature, Customer Portals, Customer Service

11 Things We All Hate About Customer Portals

Posted by Annette Gardner

17-Dec-2014 08:00:00

Customer Portals are seriously useful for account self-administration. They save time-consuming phone calls and confused customers. But when done badly, Customer Portals can become a singular point of frustration, increasing call centre volume and wasting everyone’s very precious sanity.

Specifically if they conform to any of the below 11 truths:

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Topics: Customer Portals