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3 ways Business Automation can Solve Revenue Leakage [Slideshare]

Posted by Annette Gardner

04-Feb-2015 09:43:57

Revenue leakage sucks. It literally sucks revenue away from your bottom line. 

As Revenue Leakage refers to revenue or potential revenue that is lost through processes/transactions, stemming the flow allows you to make more money without increasing your prices, working harder, or charging your customers more. 

It's one of those rare cases where by tightening up your processes to stop money flowing through the holes - everyone wins. 

There are 3 ways business automation can help with this particular plumbing problem:

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Revenue Leakage: Where the Real Problem is

Posted by Annette Gardner

20-Jan-2015 08:30:00

Revenue Leakage [shiver… say it again] Revenue Leakage. We all fear it, but it really is a terrible term. Why - because it doesn’t actually identify the problem.

The real problem lies in not knowing why you’re leaking revenue in the first place.

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