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6 Things That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Time to Market

Posted by Kirstin Sprenger de Rover

21-Nov-2017 10:00:00

In today’s society, where customers expect near-instant gratification, it can seem just about impossible to reach the market with your brand new product before your market has gotten bored and moved on to the next ‘big thing’.

Time to market (TTM) can either make or break the success of your company’s new product; it’s the length of time a company takes to conceive, process and deliver a product to their customers. Think of it as a piece of the foundation towards the success of your new product.

As shortening TTM can be no easy feat, here are 6 things you can do to make it as realistically short as possible:

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The Best Tips for Automation Success

Posted by Annette Gardner

20-Jan-2016 09:27:00

Embarking on an automation project is never undertaken lightly. Business operations and processes affect almost every part of your business; from Agents on the ground, to Engineers, to Finance and Technical Support. Adjusting the processes that form the backbone of these functions can be daunting to say the least - even when it is for the ‘greater good’.

Customers usually seek us out once they’ve hit a critical point in their business operations where current processes are no longer manageable and their bottom line is being affected (aka Revenue Leakage).

So - when you’re at a pivotal moment in your business operations history - and you’re kinda NEEDING your automation project to be a success - how do you go about making it happen?

I asked our team of engineers who work daily on automation projects from South Africa to Uganda and everywhere in between, to come up with their best tips - and this is what they said:

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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Customer Churn

Posted by Annette Gardner

16-Apr-2015 08:00:00

Losing customers is as natural to business as gaining them. ‘Customer Churn’ is a measurement of your customer gain-to-loss ratio. Low churn indicates a well performing business in a stable environment, whilst high churn can be a sign of bigger business or environmental challenges.

A certain amount of natural customer churn is to be expected as people grow, change preferences or pass-away. And a business might experience a relatively high rate of churn that is standard for their product or industry.

It’s the rate of ‘un-natural’ churn that you need to monitor closely. This is when your numbers creep above what YOU deem to be regular or acceptable. 

A higher than average churn rate can be a result of a number of factors - here’s our list of the top 4 things to keep in mind if you notice any significant changes in your customer base.

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7 Top Customer Service Tips for Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Posted by Annette Gardner

24-Mar-2015 08:30:00

It’s tough being a customer service representative. You’re the front line of the business dealing with both happy customers (yay), and some very unhappy customers (not very yay).

It’s quite rewarding to turn a terrible call into a great experience. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our top customer services tips to help you achieve this seemingly impossible task and leave your customer bragging about you and your company for weeks to come.  

Let’s face it: Customers may be stubborn, rude, or unrealistic … but they are never wrong. So - what is the best way to deal with an unhappy customer? Here are some of our top customer service tips.

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