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Problem Solving is the #1 Skill Every Developer should Learn

Posted by Annette Gardner

23-Jul-2014 10:30:00

What's the one skill that any new Developer should focus on learning? Yes, actually learning to code is pretty high on the list. But how would you even know where to start without being able to understand what you've got to build?

Now, being a Developer is like being a Business Analyst, or a Marketing professional - it's a pretty broad term. There are a number of different types, and an exponentially increasing number of disciplines that you can specialise in.

You cannot possibly know everything there is to know. And you're not expected to. But what you do need to know is 'how to figure something out', or, 'how to solve the problem'. And therein lies the rub.

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We're hiring Java Developers

Posted by SOLID HR

29-Aug-2013 17:33:00


At SOLID we're always on the lookout for talented Developers who are passionate about helping businesses achieve their objectives. 

If the below job description sounds like you - then simply send a copy of your CV through to recruitment@soliditech.com

Job description:

  • Design and develop Java web applications using cutting edge technologies for Object Relational Mapping, Caching and Service Orientated Architecture implementations.
  • Work with our experienced Software Engineers and learn from our dynamic team.
  • Learn about implementing scalable, robust, maintainable software using design patterns and Object Orientated principals.

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