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Why the rise of ISP Billing Software is nothing to be afraid of

Posted by Charles Musto

26-Aug-2015 11:39:00

One thing that most ISPs have in common is some sort of billing system to handle their subscription-based and ad-hoc billing. For some ISPs this billing system may be a simple spreadsheet. For others, more sophisticated billing software is preferred.

Taking the plunge to move towards automated ISP billing software may seem like taking a huge leap of faith, but when you break it down and look at all the advantages, you'll find that it's possible to make the move without any fear at all.

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Topics: Billing, integrated software

Why integrated software is better

Posted by Charles Musto

25-May-2015 12:18:14

Fast-growing businesses can very quickly find that investment in disparate software products doesn’t yield the results they need. Siloed software creates islands of knowledge that is difficult to reconcile in order for businesses to gain maximum benefit from it. In addition, dependence on a number of different platforms, all with their own set of unique development and design considerations, can be cumbersome for both IT to manage, and employees to work with. With integrated software, much of the traditional problems with siloed software are eliminated thanks to the reconciliation of various data streams into a single, consistent database, coupled with a single interface from which to perform various business functions. This blog takes a look at how integrated software stacks up against traditionally disparate software systems and how it provides benefit to the fast-moving businesses of today.

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