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Improve your Data Presentation Skills with these 6 Tips [Infographic]

Posted by Annette Gardner

29-Mar-2017 10:55:33

As increased importance is placed on data, human attention spans are shrinking (to 8 seconds or less according to the NY Times). This means that in order to deliver a killer data presentation (and grab that next promotion) you need to learn to turn raw data into a relevant, appealing, relatable and memorable presentation.

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Topics: Infographic, Data Presentation Skills

How does SOLID's automation software actually work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Annette Gardner

16-Jun-2014 08:30:00

The concept of 'Business Process Automation' is not exactly new. Henry Ford introduced the world's first assembly line in 1913 to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. We have brought the same practical concepts to the often complicated and disconnected world of business operations management. 

Obviously, how it actually works is slightly different.

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Topics: SOLIDitech, Infographic, Business Automation