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Benefits of Automation: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Posted by Kirstin Sprenger de Rover

05-Sep-2017 10:00:00

You use automation every day; recording your favourite TV shows and being thankful for Facebook birthday reminders, even the sprinklers in your garden are automated. The benefits of automation don’t only make our daily lives easier, they make it possible for businesses to thrive. Instead of focusing on repetitive admin tasks, they can focus on figuring out how to get us to Mars.

Automation is used to simplify and speed up operational processes, making mundane and time-consuming tasks a thing of the past. I kinda wish I’d known about the benefits of automation a bit earlier on in my career. I wouldn’t have wasted as much time copying and pasting, that’s for sure.

So, to make sure you don’t waste as much time as I have, I’ve created a list of the top 7 benefits of automation that lay it all out for you.

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5 [Great] Reasons to Automate your Customer Portal

Posted by Annette Gardner

02-Dec-2015 08:00:00

Customer portals are like email signatures - ‘property’ owned by you that is very rarely taken full advantage of. Rather than an afterthought (i.e. more than a simple, but non-functional place where customers come to be frustrated); your customer portal and its functionality should be automated.

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Automated Provisioning: 3 Top Benefits

Posted by Annette Gardner

09-Apr-2015 09:00:00

"Provisioning" specifically refers to the act of setting up or configuring the necessary hardware and software to activate a customer's purchased services. Automating that process results in, amongst other benefits: increased business agility and minimised revenue leakage.

Rather than relying on time consuming and error-prone manual processes, changes to an account’s status are propagated to remote systems instantly; without timely human errors or process-breakdown delays.

In our recently published eBook “How Automated Provisioning Technology Enables Business Agility” we detail 9 ways in which Automated Provisioning supports operations through software, technology and architecture.

In this post, we’ve detailed 3 of those benefits:

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The Best Processes to Automate for a Financial Professional

Posted by Annette Gardner

03-Mar-2015 08:14:00

More and more businesses are realising the benefits automation can bring them and their core departments such as Operations, Support, Marketing, Sales, and of course, Finance.

For a time-starved financial professional, the best processes to automate are those that significantly reduce time spent on repetitive processes, ensure revenue leakage is minimal, that finances are transparent and customer satisfaction is high.

In this post we’ve picked out which are the best processes to automate to achieve these goals.

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3 Things About Access Control You May Not Have Known

Posted by Annette Gardner

09-Dec-2014 08:00:00

Access Control is all about security. And the best approach to security is to have multiple secure layers. Access Control is just one of those layers (albeit the first).

Think about a house: Before you can snoop around the bedroom cupboard you have to get through the front gate - Access is that front gate.

You’ve got lots to protect - customer and business data is your most valuable asset. Investing in great, robust security for your business software should be a priority.

There has very recently been a string of highly publicised security breaches at major global companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Home Depot and eBay (to name a few). These just go to prove that no one is immune. 

To help you understand what Access Control is and why it’s so important, we’ve put together a few key facts:

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